Drawing is putting a line around an idea. Henri Matisse

The coast and small towns within Norfolk, have served as a backdrop to these sketches. I discovered new and undulating landscapes by walking along the cliffs, making sure to turn back now and again to observe how the lay of the land would constantly change as I moved further along. Then, sketchbook in hand, I would advance, moving ahead with my eye on the horizon. The dramatic skies were in themselves whole worlds of darkness and light, forever changing with the sun dipping in and out of view. With each step I  imagined how I would represent the land and sea in two dimensions. In the idyllic towns and villages, I was captivated by charming pastel shaded houses close to the Fen, with their front doors leading right onto the pavement. There is one drawing from the Norfolk Broads, showing sailing boats slowly gliding away from the boathouse. I was caught by the diagonal lines of the scene, which at once give the direction of the soft breeze. Back in the studio, I would make a selection of drawings, and then use them as inspiration for paintings on canvas. After having had the rough sketches drawn up in paint, I added various layers of colour, and then worked freely, letting the paintings decide where to go next on this journey of shapes and colour.

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