If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint. Edward Hopper

These paintings express  my impressions of my new home: Norfolk. The architecture of Norwich, its winding roads and church views are pure joy for an artist, not to mention the coastline and vast stretches of sand with the lighthouses standing proudly at the highest points. I felt the need not to show these sights as they were, with links to realism, but to my endeavour to express the greatness around me. This meant I was given the freedom to invent and distort. After sketching up the first layers on the canvas, the paintings took on a life of their own. More importantly, I was guided by colour. For example, I would choose a red, and after it had been applied, it was clear which colour would follow. I am the one with the brush in my hand, but the painting before me would tell me, where to go next. Every painting here speaks of such a journey.

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