Paths Travelled

Painting is a nail to which I fix my ideas. Georges Braque

Paths Travelled covers the years spent living and working in Kenya and Mexico. This was a very productive period of time for me, covering more than 20 years. I was able to fully embrace the vivid colours and exotic scenery around me, and it was then that I started to work freely, and to limit myself to the five primary colours from which I could blend all the tones and hues that I needed. I was highly motivated, and in these worlds of colour, I found a way of expressing myself without any form of restraint. The paths travelled most certainly defined the way in which I would work in the future. This is truly a symbolic and formative period of my creative life :I would experiment, blend my own colours from pigments, combine techniques and adapt myself to the material which was available. In Kenya, I painted on paper and wood panels, and learnt the techniques of mono printing, and producing woodcuts. In Mexico I was introduced to Amate paper (made of bark), and continued to explore the world of printmaking.

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